Project Description

Vicky has been helping brides to create what they envision their wedding flowers to be for over 20 years and alongside your wedding bouquets can offer you all the finishing touches that will make your event truly unique and captivating. Vicky is very passionate about what she does and her attention to detail and dedication will ensure your wedding day will be a day that is talked about for years to come. Quotes can be organised in person, by phone or via email.

Victoria’s Blooms Website Design Challenge

Victoria’s Blooms had contacted us to help design and build their new wedding flower website design. The wedding flower website design had to have a clean and elegant look towards it so we had used a nice  pale brown color on a white background as it was a great color combination. You will notice the home page grabs your attention by displaying a large image slider that grabs your attention and underneath there are 3 nicely displayed images with further information. The website has an easy to use navigation system which also has a very sleek gallery placed within the website. Have a peek at the website on your computer or mobile device as it works on all devices.

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Website Design
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