Project Description

It’s not very often you get a team of professionals altogether in one company that are passionate and have a wealth of experience through various industry work over many years. We attract the best because we are professional in our approach to all hair and makeup clients and the ongoing support we offer our team. Venus Beauty Hair & Make Up Artists have been in the beauty industry for the past 7 years and we understand everything that there is to know about your make up artistry. All of our hairstylists and make up artists have experience ranging from 7 years to 20 years so you can rest assured know that you’re in good hands. Venus Beauty has sourced the best artists in Melbourne. Each team is regularly kept up-to-date with the latest looks and product knowledge. Makeup & Hair go hand in hand – without one, the other just doesn’t work, whether it’s the princess look, the classic natural look, the glamorous model, or sexy goddess look, we can achieve your look you are after through the correct makeup and hair techniques for your face shape and hair style. The perfect wedding hair style should complement and add to your look.

Venus Beauty Hair & Make Up Website Design Challenge

Venus Beauty Hair & Make Up contacted us to help design and build their new website. The website design had to have that professional, sleek look and feel to it, so we had achieved this by using a nice large fashionable background image to grab your attention with a nice faded transparent background so you could read the content but at the same time still see the background. The website boasts a clean design that will be sure to grab your attention and look great on any device.

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