Project Description

Blitz your next interview with Skills Savvy’s interactive app, Successful APPlicant. This easy to use app allows you to record yourself answering interview questions. Simply use the playback function to review and refine your interview performance. Record and playback as many times as you like until you feel confident because confidence is the key to excelling in a job interview! You don’t need luck for your next job interview, because you are the Successful Applicant!

Successful APPlicant iPhone App Challenge

Skills Savvy had contacted us to help build an interactive iPhone app that will help you with common job interview questions and to build up your confidence. The app has 4 main sections with pictures showing detailed responses on what to do and what not to do in a job interview. The app also has a set of common interview questions with a camera record back feature, so this allows you to read the questions whilst at the same time record yourself and play it back so you know how you will appear to the potential employer. Download the FREE app today!

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