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SHEQ Australia is formed and driven by two principle elements: Our passion for workplace safety and a Client need to understand and comply with legislative and organizational requirements. We are a Perth-based company providing specialised and practical services to our national customer base within the construction, mining, marine, engineering, logistics/ transportation, commercial and retail sector. Since inception, SHEQ Australia has prided itself on personalized quality service with a trusted reputation. This approach has afforded strong and enduring relationships with our client base. Comprising 60 years of field experience and knowledge, our small team provide expert guidance, support and solutions to help ensure best practice, cultural development, compliance with Company Standards, state and national health and safety legislation. People safety, the natural and built environment is an evolving landscape. Your Company’s needs are dependent on an array of factors, including: company size; risk profile; culture; and level of maturity. Degree-qualified bachelors, with a depth of field-based experience are available to support your business success and journey.

Sheq Australia Website Design Challenge

Sheq Australia contacted us to help design and build their new website for their work health and safety management. The website had to be visually appealing and grab your attention so a large background silhouette of people working fit best without taking to much away from the images and content on the website itself. The website design is clean and is also easy to navigate so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

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