Project Description

Watch all Ricky Riot Art and Craft Shows on the go, download to watch offline and gain access to the latest videos. Ricky Riot & Arty are best friends and the proud owners of the coolest Art & Craft sop in the world!. Every day the store receives a delivery wrapped in a big blue box which inevitably contains really cool art and craft supplies to create a fabulous project.

The Challenge

Creativa Web Videos contacted us to create an app for The Ricky Riot Arts and Craft Show . The app allows you to watch & download videos, learn arts and crafts and keep up with the latest news. The app works across all iPhones, iPads and Android devices and so far has been a big hit with the children. You may also find Ricky Riot DVDs and craft kits at one of the Riot arts and craft stores located around various shopping centres and online Now you can have have Ricky Riot ready to entertain you and your children in your pocket at all times.

Project Details

Iphone Apps
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