Project Description

My Green World is an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of animals and environments around the world by supporting various charities worldwide. Our primary focus is a game application: My Green World. Have you ever wanted to save an orphaned infant orang-utan from habitat destruction? Or save a whale from harpooning? What about rescuing a polar bear from a melting icecap? My Green World gives you the opportunity to become truly involved in every aspect of rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing animals from all over the world. You will create beautiful gardens and habitats, unlock new and endangered animals to save, watch once- sick animals grow and thrive and climb trees, learn about various animal and environmental issues, and…. Help save animals and conserve environment IN REAL LIFE.

My Green World Website Design Challenge

My Green World contacted us to help design and build their new animal welfare website. The website had to be bright, colorful and interesting, you will notice a large background image of a world map that has been used. The home page has an image slider that slides by displaying new images and an easy to use menu system. You can also view the website on mobile and tablet devices.

Project Details

Website Design
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