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We are a group of professionals with years of experience in the field. Experts at what we do, and knowledgeable in executing building inspections for your convenience and on your behalf. The issue with property purchasing is that without a beforehand inspection, you don’t know what you are dealing with. Many things can escape a layman’s eye, and you can never be sure if you’re purchasing just the building, or if you bought a myriad of issues along with it. At Sydney Metro House Inspections we know it’s important that you collaborate with someone pleasant and knowledgeable, and thus, we have the best people for the job. We have a team comprised of top experts, both efficient and professional, with years of experience in building industry. We have the best knowledge possible to locate and identify any defects and damage that might be unseen to the untrained eye. We are fast and thorough, not leaving anything unchecked.

House Inspections Sydney Website Design Challenge

House Inspections Sydney had contacted us to help design and build their new house inspections website. The web design had to stand out so we had used their logo colors to make a large background image to go nicely with the web layout. You will notice on the home page it displays the services neatly and easy to use which you can also easily access on mobile and tablet devices. Overall a clean and efficient website.

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