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15 years ago Greg and I became best friends. During primary school and throughout high school we were actually almost joined at the hip. As for education, we both did very average at school and I was never entirely clear on exactly what I wanted to do, or become. The only thing that I was absolutely certain about was that one day I wanted to put myself in a position where I could lead, teach, help and inspire other people. Now, as a result of my effort and hard work, it feels so good to be able to serve people and make there lives better. I also loved being active and played all kinds of sports, so of course it made perfect sense to become a Personal Trainer. Since becoming a personal trainer over 10 years ago I have had the good fortune of working with all different kinds of people and as a result, I have encountered one common problem over this time. Time and time again I have heard that what people were wearing felt very uncomfortable. It was way too expensive, too revealing, tacky, awkward looking and ugly. I endeavoured to find solutions to this big problem for my clients and myself, yet I found very little options around which was very frustrating.  

Hashtag Active Website Design Challenge

Hashtag Active had contacted us to help design and build their new online store. The online store had to be eye catching so when visitors landed on the home page they would continue on to view the products and inner pages. On the home page you will notice a large image slider that grabs your attention with products underneath, making it easy to view products straight from the home page. Overall a great, clean website that also works on mobile and tablet devices.

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