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Welcome to Confident First Aid Management. Our highly skilled, experienced and dedicated MICA Paramedics, Advanced Life Support Paramedics, Emergency Department and Coronary Care nurses will help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to apply CPR and First Aid safely to anyone in need. All our trainers have seen the outcomes for people who have needed first aid and received it and those who have needed first aid but received little, ineffective or no first aid at all. Effective First Aid can mean the difference between life and death BUT it can also make an enormous difference in the person’s quality of life from those first vital moments onwards. We all understand first aid incidents can be intimidating, overwhelming and daunting for anyone in the community. Our aim is to empower you to feel confident and competent to assist another person to ultimately get back to their family and community…….where they belong. You CAN do it!!

Confident First Aid Website Design Challenge

Confident First Aid Management had contacted us to design and build their new website. The website design had to be eye-catching but at the same time have a clean and sleek design. As soon as you land on the website you will see sliding images and content to grab your attention. The menu system has been set up for ease of use and the website is also mobile compatible.

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