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Cafeholics are located in Frankston and Parkdale and are a modern Australian cafe culture serving a large variety of small dishes and meals. Their friendly staff and warm atmosphere will have you coming back for more. We offer a large variety of tasty meals and great coffee at a great price, so if you are in the area, than make sure to drop by and pay us a visit. The Task Cafeholics went under a major reconstruction and renovated their stores and brand image to a modern look and feel and with this new change prompted for their business to keep up to date with technology. We had already designed their new logo and built their new website, now it was time to expand Cafeholics onto Facebook and build them a Facebook page and a Facebook App. The Facebook app is a smart app in which it connects their website with their Facebook page, so if they make any changes on their website, it will automatically show the new pages on their Facebook page. Have a look at Cafeholics Facebook App visit:

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