Project Description

Allure Medical Holidays is an Australian based company who specialise in organising cosmetic/medical and dental surgery in Thailand. We work in partnership with highly experienced travel agents and the best hospitals and surgeons to ensure you have the procedures you have been wanting whilst recovering in a tropical paradise. Undergoing any procedure can be a daunting prospect. We are here to ensure your entire cosmetic holiday goes smoothly. From your initial contact with us right through to returning to home and after care, we will provide support and guidance. Your safety is our number one priority. Travelling to Thailand to undertake your procedures can save a lot of money, as much as 70% on some treatments.

Allure Medical Holidays Website Design Challenge

Allure Medical Holidays contacted us to help design and build their new medical holiday website design. The medical holiday website design had to have a fresh and inviting design that would grab their attention as soon as they landed on the home page so we achieved this by using multiple background colors and an image slider. The website has an easy to use navigation system so you can easily find the pages you’re looking for. Apart from the clean design the website is also mobile responsive so you can view it on all smart phones and tablets.

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