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Derryn’s journey into exploring health through fitness began in her early adult life when, having been a regular gym-goer and bootcamp attendee, it became evident that there was a passion inside her that needed to be fulfilled. The fitness industry sparked an interest in her that flourished as the months passed by. Deciding to break away from an office job as an accountant, she went on to complete her Exercise Science and Personal Training qualification in 2010. From there followed a varied and rewarding career in fitness and coaching.

Active Zen Health Website Design Challenge

Active Zen had contacted us to help design and build their new health website design. The health website design had to engage you as soon as you landed on the website so we had utilized a large image slider to grab your attention, apart from the large image sldier we had also used fancy font to break up the normal font. The website has an easy to use navigation system so you can easily find the information you’re looking for. Also have a look at the website on your mobile and tablet devices as it’s also responsive.

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