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Welcome to 5Star Bali Villa, an Australia based agent specialising in unique privately owned Villas. Our Villas demonstrate the highest level of service and amenities without the exorbitant price tag. Our location is perfect for large groups as we bundled into 2 locations only, next door to each other. Rest assured your enquiry will be dealt with promptly and professionally at all times.

5 Star Bali Villa Website Design Challenge

We have been working with Janine for many years and she had contacted us to help build a new website that would join all the Bali villas that she was managing. The new Bali villa website design had to be eye catching and to give you that wow effect as soon as you landed on the home page so we achieved this by using background images that would change every few seconds with a nice transparent body so you could see the background under the writing. Apart from the web design the layout of the website has been set up with a sidebar navigation for ease of use with the inner pages having their own tabs which saves on loading time.

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Website Design
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